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China Bend Winery For Sale

Organic Winery, Vineyard, Gardens, B & B, Residences

Waterfront Property For Sale

$2.5 million

China Bend Winery Estate producing the Healthiest Wines on the Planet for over 25 years

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"For more info, contact Bart “Loyalty” Alexander, (509)732-6123 or winery@chinabend.com "


Picture yourself enjoying the lifestyle as the proprietor of this rare winery estate set in the unspoiled beauty of the upper Columbia River. Take the lead in the creation and production of world-class, cutting-edge, healthy, delicious wines. Host fascinating wine lovers and tasters from around the world. Participate as a proprietor in the glamorous world of the wine industry.

Picture yourself living a stress-free life in a clean, beautiful, peaceful environment in an undeveloped area within a neighborly community-minded population. Enjoy the clean delicious diet of wholesome, uncontaminated food from the Estates 40-year certified organic gardens and from local farms.

Picture yourself raising a family where every member can make a meaningful contribution in helping with the family enterprise. Imagine your kids attending a safe, small public school where the classes are small enough to provide individual attention and where any kid who is inspired can participate in activities and athletics.

Picture yourself enjoying hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, and cross-country skiing right at your own home. Imagine driving on roads and highways free of congestion!

Enjoy the lifestyle of a unique Organic Winery Estate located on the banks of the Columbia River in North Eastern Washington State. Step right into this well-established, ongoing Estate Winery operation complete with all of The Vineyards facilities equipment and expertise to produce the highest quality Organic, Sulfite-free Wines available anywhere.

The China Bend Estate waterfront location on the Lake Roosevelt recreation area of the Columbia River enjoys rare natural scenic beauty, unspoiled clean environment, and a moderate climate with four beautiful seasons. The winery and tasting room are accessible by boat, houseboat, or by road.

The China Bend Winery Estate is renowned for the beauty of its grounds, intimate bed-and-breakfast and facilities attractive for tourism, events, weddings, workshops, and partying. It is a stimulating “Piece of Heaven” to live, to create, to work, and to raise a family…

The China Bend Winery estate proudly produces the highest quality Certified Organic Unsulfited Wines available. The wines are handcrafted in the Old World style with rare Swiss / Alsatian grape varieties estate-grown on 30 year old vines. The red wines are well aged for years in the cellar and bottled only when they become smooth and delicious.

The Winery is now celebrating 25 years of production. The current owners want to provide a successful, smooth transition for new ownership. They will provide a period of transition and training and, as they will be residing nearby, would be available for ongoing consultation and support. Trained employees and seasonal labor are available locally. The sale includes the ongoing inventory of bottled wine and wine aging in barrels. The sale also includes all equipment necessary to operate and maintain every aspect of the estate.


Winery: The Winery was hand-built by local craftsmen with an eye for beauty as well as function. It was intentionally designed by the proprietor to accommodate wine production in the old world natural tradition as well as hosting wine lovers and tasters from around the world. The winery building features:

Crush Pad, where the grapes are received and crushed and where the wine is pressed.

Fermentation Room, where the wines are fermented and settled before transferring to Oak aging barrels in the cellar.

Cellar, where the red wines aged in Oak barrels and where the bottles of wine are stored.

Bottling room, where the wines are blended, bottled, and labeled.

Tasting room, where the wines are displayed, samples sold, and enjoyed.

Kitchen, the Certified Organic licensed food processing kitchen serves as an estate-size cannery for food products, a kitchen to serve the bed and breakfast, and food service for events and parties. It is equipped with a boiler, steam kettles and steam oven.

Bed and Breakfast, the B&B is a lovely two bedroom suite suitable for hosting a party of one or two couples. Each bedroom has a private exterior entrance and a private deck overlooking the estate.

Residence, the residence is a comfortable three-bedroom cabin discreetly located 100 yards from the Winery Court.

Warehouse, the warehouse provides space to store miscellaneous bottles, supplies etc. for the estate, including a well-insulated room for storing food products.

Other Structures: other structures on this site include Barbecue Pavilion, Equipment Shed / Compost Facility, Garden House and Pump House.


The China Bend Estate was developed from raw undeveloped land beginning over 45 years ago. These virgin soils have never been contaminated in any way, and the proprietors have protected and maintained this pristine purity in the development of the estate. The Vineyards and Gardens have been certified organic for over 35 years. The rich living soil and the moderate climate on the banks of the Columbia River, and the full southern exposure combined with abundant water rights make China Bend perfect for grapes and gardens.

Vineyards: The six acres of vineyards are planted to rare, cold climate, red and white wine grape varieties, which originated in Swiss Alsatian region of Europe. The 30 year old vines produce deep, rich, spicy red wines and clean crisp whites. The vineyard soils on the banks of the Columbia are sandy and gravely; sloping gently towards the river with full southern exposure and an ideal site to grow vines of rich deep flavor. The wines are trellised and trained to maximize the quality of the wine. A permanent overhead sprinkler system irrigates the vineyards, gardens and grounds with abundant water from a pure and natural spring.

Gardens: For over 40 years the gardens at China Bend have been a source of beauty and inspiration as well as the delicious nutritious, organic food they produce. The gardens provide a healthy diet for the proprietors, gourmet dinners for guests and certified organic food products for the gift shop and local markets.

Grounds: The approximately 2 acres of grounds join the various elements of the estate with green lawns accented with flower beds and mature trees, all set in a park-like grove of 100 year old ponderosa pine trees. These beautiful grounds create an attraction for events, workshops, weddings, and parties.

Asking Price: This exceptional property is listed by the owner for $2.500,000. Reasonable offers will be considered.

Asking Price: $2.5 Million

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